Fleet Manager
Fleet Manager

Terminus Fleet Manager is a patented system built specifically to automate rental and return processes. You will gain real-time visibility of your car inventory, on-lot location tracking, flexible query tools to instantly display car/group/fleet status, real-time accurate and automatic capture of fuel level and mileage at both car exit and return, and unique controls for lot process optimization. Our goal is to work with you to analyse, define, and deliver solutions specific to your business. Solutions that meet your requirements, and solutions that deliver to your bottom-line. The dashboard and advanced reporting tool help business managers to

  • Record revenues, expenses and collections to create profit and loss statements
  • Optimizing car return/processing speed for improved rental yield and customer service
  • Improvevisibility of open slots on the ready line and direct resources to close those slots more rapidly maximising car availability and rental revenue
  • The system has many unique advantages for managing and maximizing the value of rental car fleets